About Us

Ramsons Industries, the pioneer of copperware in India endeavor to bring the eternal trading of copper in life through La Coppera- a brand, perfectly crafted to endure the customary heritage in the contemporary livelihood. The earnest moves of the company in enriching this scared tradition have earned the award of excellence “The Udyog Rattan Award”. The company has also been awarded “The Laghu Udyog Award” by the Industries Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh for excellent enterprise, product range, and accomplishments.

Today, La Coppera is the most reliable & preferred name in the copperware industry.

Crafting the finest & the Purest

Ramsons Industries has adopted cutting- edge technological developments to ensure a tested and certified quality in its entire products range and thus offers the finest and purest copperware to the customers. The company is committed to delivering an international grade to ensure highest customer satisfaction.

The Vision

While focusing to establish a name in the copperware fraternity that identifies with the originality and the purity of copper, Ramsons Industries is committed to deliver the ageless use of copper with its true therapeutic values in accurate design and shapes of utility.

Copper-The Health-Line of Life

The ageless use of copper bears testimony to its myriad vitues and everlasting appeal. It’s therapeutic value has been handed down to us through the ages. In fact, water stored in copperware is virtually the elixir of life. Purified, it helps to regulate digestion and cardiac orders, the basis of good health, as practiced by the Rishis from old Vedic times. It has been known for thousands of years that copper metal can inhabit the growth of bacteria, virus and fungi.

Our scriptures also recommend drinking of four Glasses of water overnight in a copper utensil every morning.